The Top Israeli Startups That Make Traveling That Much Easier

Over the past decade, travel agents have gradually lost their dominance over trip planning, hotel booking and airline tickets, while the tourism industry has shifted to the internet. In the meantime, alongside giant web portals such as Expedia and Orbitz, smaller travel tech companies have arisen. The tourism industry has seen the birth of many startups with big dreams to revolutionize the way people travel and vacation. These companies have raised funds and gathered millions of users around the world, while maximizing efficiency and ease in the fields of transportation, air travel and tourism.

In the melting pot of tech and innovation that is Israel, the annual International Mediterranean Tourism Market expo recently showcased some of the Israeli leaders in digital transit and travel. Yes, there’s more to Israeli travel tech than the popular navigation app Waze, which sold to Google for $1.1 billion in 2013. Here are NoCamels’ top Israeli travel tech companies that will make traveling much easier this spring:


Forget tourist traps and overcrowded restaurants; EatWith offers authentic dining experiences in locals’ homes. Founded by Guy Michlin and Shemer Schwartz in 2012, EatWith is often described as the Airbnb of food. In recent years, Israeli EatWith has gained popularity among tourists and native residents alike, giving people opportunities to enjoy homemade delicacies, learn about the local cuisine, and enjoy conversations with people from around the globe. With roughly 500 active hosts in 160 cities around the world, EatWith has shown the power of the sharing economy. Recently, the company won a $4.9 million award in advertising money from ProSieben, providing an opportunity to share its vision on multiple media platforms.