SPONDOOLIES-TECH Introduced SP20-JACKSON 1.7 TH/S For home miners

Hash Rate: 1.7 th/s +/- 5%, Over Clockable to 1.8 th/s, 8 ASIC Chips
Power Consumption: 1100 watts at the wall with a Gold rated, 90% efficiency PSU suggested
Power connections: 4x PCIe
Smaller Form Factor 1/3 size of the SP30, 60dB or less estimated

I asked Gadi Glikberg of Spondoolies-Tech about the announcement and what he had to say was pointed as he and Guy Corem always are.

As I’m sure you know, a lot of people have declared home mining to be a thing of the past.

That however is only true if home miners do not have access to the most efficient ASIC in the market.

To help spread the hash rate, we are preparing to launch the SP20 – Jackson. A home mining unit that puts the power back in the hands of home miners. We’ll start taking pre-orders for October delivery.

The power to gh/s ratio is creeping down across the board. This lower power requirement makes it easier for home users to run the miners while keeping the hash rate up. The announcement comes on the heels of the SP30 reveal in August. The SP30 runs at 4.5 th/s and 2900 watts at the wall on 220v. While the SP30 is the top miner in the wild right now, the smaller footprint and power consumption of the SP20 will be attractive to many that can’t afford the larger SP30. The SP31-Yukon is the successor to the SP31 runs at a blistering 5.5 th/s at 2800 to 3000 watts as the wall and is also shipping in October. The specifications of both the SP20 and the SP31 are impressive to say the least.

With Spondoolies-Tech’s SP20 and SP31 on the market at the same time, they should be able to offer the range of miners demanded by home and larger users. Spondoolies-Tech is not resting; they are actively working on many projects and as Zvisha stated:

Well, I sleep a lot less, but it is fun. I am working on three generations of our product at the same time; I don’t think I would do that in any other company.? SP10 went on the market six months ago, and it became end-of-life after four months. That is crazy. The competition is so strong and dynamic, if you stop for one month you can be out of the game.

The SP20-Jackson is an exciting development in the mining ecosystem. I will bring you a review of the SP20 right here on CCN in the near future. As always keep your eyes on CCN as I will be bringing you some more mining surprises.