SiSense Prism: The New Kid on the Visual Discovery Block

Data visualization vendor Tableau Software is the darling of the BI industry these days, giving daily doses of heartburn to established BI vendors. Yet, Tableau is being chased by newer vendors with innovative technologies that offer the promise of even faster, better, and cheaper BI for business users and analysts. One such vendor is SiSense, an Israeli firm now based in New York City, which launched in 2010 after six years of stealth development. Like Tableau, SiSense Prism is a Windows-based, self-service analysis tool that users can download from the internet and run on a single machine (desktop or server). But unlike Tableau, SiSense was designed from scratch with a scalable, memory-optimized columnar database that can comfortably handle terabytes of data and dozens of concurrent queries. SiSense’s secret sauce is the way it leverages the CPU cache on chips, includind SIMD chips from Intel and AMD, and reuses query blocks in its database. These features give it extraordinary performance and concurrency, according to company officials. The tool also makes it easy for analysts to mash up data from different sources and publish interactive dashboards. Its new 5.0 release, SiSense polishes its front-end with HTML5, enabling users to access and create dashboards from any browser-enabled device–desktop, laptop, tablet, Web, and smartphone–increasing its ubiquity and functionality. With only an inside sales team, SiSense has expanded quickly, boasting 500+ customers in 49 countries. Pricing starts at $8,000 for a five-user license. For more information, see