PowerInbox and ActivePath merge with $10M in venture funding

CAMBRIDGE, Ma, Nov 27th, 2012 — PowerInbox, a provider of email technology that enables live content to operate directly within the body of your email, announced that it has merged with ActivePath, a leading provider of interactive email technology within the enterprise space. PowerInbox is based in Cambridge, Ma, and ActivePath is based in New York, with offices in Tel Aviv, Israel. The merger of the two companies brings together complementary skillsets — ActivePath has a large installed base and extensive experience within the enterprise space, while PowerInbox enjoys a strong product and brand loyalty within the consumer space.

The combined entity will have $10 million in funding from Atlas Venture, Longworth Venture Partners, Battery Ventures, Genesis Partners, GIMV NV and Correlation Ventures. ActivePath CEO, Jeff Kupietzky, will serve as CEO of PowerInbox, while Aryeh Mergi, founder of msystems (acquired by SanDisk for $1.5B), will serve as Chairman of the Board. PowerInbox founders, Matt Thazhmon, Dileep Thazhmon and Lance Jackson, will continue in management, with a focus on product development and innovation in email.

Email is a large and growing market — $27.5B is spent on email yearly and this is projected to grow at 18.5% annually. In addition, less than 1% of the 145 billion emails sent daily are acted upon providing a huge opportunity for improvement. “We see email as ripe for innovation and believe both companies are bringing complementary experience to exploit this huge opportunity. Putting the teams together just makes sense and is a great way to establish the industry standard for interactive mail,” said Scott Tobin, General Partner at Battery Ventures, and a member of the Board of the combined entity.

The current PowerInbox email add-on (free to download) allows users to interact with content, for instance, one click shopping, viewing Facebook pictures and comments, tweeting and more, all directly from inside the email. The merger will now enable the development of an enhanced add-on, which will incorporate ActiveMail functionality, including inbox branding and in-email video-play, and the ability for senders to display a wide variety of rich-media in their marketing emails.

“Both teams shared a common vision for increasing engagement through interactive email – putting them together was a natural conclusion. There was a great chemistry and mutual desire to shake up the status quo of today’s static, low converting email,” according to Jeff Kupietzky, CEO of the combined company. The combined entity will be known as PowerInbox and aims to create the future of email by realizing the vision and value of interactive mail.

“Our customers and end users are our highest priority and we are committed to ensuring the smoothest integration, with minimal disruption for our stakeholders.” said Matt Thazhmon, co-founder of PowerInbox. The combined entity will have 500,000+ users, 50+ email apps and will have served more than 5,000,000 interactive emails over the last year. In addition, PowerInbox interactive emails experience an engagement rate that is three times higher than that of static email.

PowerInbox is committed to establishing the global standard for interactive email and driving real engagement for email senders and consumers.

Learn more and download the product at http://www.powerinbox.com

About PowerInbox:
Founded in 2010, PowerInbox is an email technology company that is transforming people’s online communications — enabling live, interactive emails inside of popular email services, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook. Content providers, marketers, social communicators and others can use the PowerInbox platform to create fun, engaging and valuable opportunities for recipients to watch, play, shop, share, listen, rent, find, learn, survey, schedule and more — all inside of their emails. Learn more at: www.powerinbox.com

About ActivePath:
ActivePath is the inventor of ActiveMail®, a dynamic, interactive platform that revolutionizes how marketers engage their customers. ActivePath’s patented technology enables companies to deliver rich content and personalized, live offers securely within email messages to proactively engage customers, facilitate one-click purchases, and drive higher conversion rates.By downloading ActiveMail, consumers can take direct action from inside their email without clicking on a link or opening up a new browser window. Active Mail’s robust email platform increases conversion, enhances customer engagement, boosts sales and extends customer lifetime value. Learn more at: www.activepath.com.

Contact info:
Jeff Kupietzky, CEO

Dileep Thazhmon, COO