Neebula Announces Integration with CA Nimsoft Service Desk

CA WORLD – LAS VEGAS, April 22, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Information technology (IT) managers can now understand the impact to business resulting from IT incidents and planned changes with the integration of Neebula Systems with CA Nimsoft Service Desk.

Neebula ServiceWatch automatically creates and maintains a map of business services that includes their underlying physical, virtual, and network infrastructure. This information, used in combination with CA Nimsoft Service Desk, enables operators to immediately understand the impact of incident and change management activities on business, which minimizes disruptions and optimizes uptime.

“Mapping the structure of business services gives IT operations a clear view of the components and their relationships, which helps eliminate guess work,” said Yuval Cohen, CEO of Neebula. “By integrating our discovery and mapping capabilities with CA Nimsoft Service Desk, we expect to dramatically improve the operator’s ability to analyze and time to resolve incidents, as well as reduce the number of incidents that are due to changes.”

Both Neebula ServiceWatch and CA Nimsoft Service Desk are delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS) – making implementations much simpler and faster.

“Given its finite resources and growing responsibilities, IT has to be more diligent than ever about aligning its efforts with business priorities,” said Yash Shah, senior vice president of CA Service & Portfolio Management. “Neebula is helping customers do exactly this by layering business impact context on top of our Nimsoft Service Desk solution.”

Neebula ServiceWatch uses an innovative top-down approach that automates the creation and maintenance of service models which takes a fraction of the time and cost associated with traditional methods. It requires only a top-level entry point (such as a URL or MQ request), then the Neebula software follows the path to discover and map all IT infrastructure components – hardware and software – connected to that particular business service. Leveraging patented technology, Neebula ServiceWatch queries servers to identify flows and connections resulting in business services discovered and mapped within hours.

The Neebula ServiceWatch integration with CA Nimsoft Service Desk is available now and being shown from April 21 through April 24 at CA World. Join Neebula at Booth 212A during the event to see the how ServiceWatch makes CA Nimsoft Service Desk even more “Service-Aware.” More information is available at