Aternity® Launches Workforce APM Version 8.0

Aternity Inc., the industry’s leader in providing End User Experience Management (EUEM) solutions for any application running on physical, virtual and mobile devices, today announced the general availability of Aternity Workforce APM version 8.0. The latest version offers many enhancements based on input from the company’s roster of global marquee enterprises who use Aternity to monitor the end user experience of millions of their workforce users. Aternity Workforce APM version 8.0 significantly expands the uses cases it enables customers to address, radically increases time to value, and drives down the cost of ownership, operation and administration.

“Aternity’s experience, strong end-user oriented product set and innovation around ease-of-use and new use cases puts the company in a great position to sustain strong growth and attract new customers across a broad range of industries.”

“Our 8.0 version provides broader and deeper ways Aternity Workforce APM can be leveraged by a wide variety of enterprise teams,” explained Raviv Chalamish, Vice President of Products, Aternity. “By further streamlining critical end user experience information, Aternity Workforce APM makes it easy to rapidly address application, device and user issues before business productivity is impacted.”

The new version of Aternity Workforce APM includes:

1. Enhanced Troubleshooting | New dashboards enable Network Operations Center (NOC) personnel to prioritize their response to the most urgent issues and troubleshoot individual user complaints of poor service across physical, virtual and mobile devices. With enhanced correlation between business activities executed by the user and metrics such as device resources, process resources, and boot and health events, IT Operations staff are better able to proactively identify and quickly resolve problems.

2. Expanded Support for Enterprise Mobile App Developers | Enterprise mobile app developers will find deeper support for troubleshooting and app optimization through “crash dump” file downloads which include breadcrumbs showing the steps which led to an app crash. These breadcrumbs can be created without tagging the code, making it even easier for developers to ensure their apps earn a five-star rating. Learn more about how Aternity Workforce APM expands its mobile support here.

3. Advanced Device Monitoring | Customers gain a deeper view into device performance with an expanded set of monitors to track events related to printing, battery, memory, hard disk, and NIC. This expanded device monitoring capability enables Desktop Services to optimize device performance and to proactively identify and resolve problems before they impact end user experience. For example, IT Ops can send new batteries or hard drives to users whose devices show impending problems. Learn more about Aternity’s expanded device monitoring here.

4. Rapid Web App Monitoring | Enterprise application owners can verify that their web apps meet SLAs based on business processes. This is achieved by monitoring business activities executed on web-based apps out-of-the-box, without building signatures, even for cloud apps or apps developed via third parties. Application support teams can rapidly identify and resolve app problems with Aternity Workforce APM because there is no configuration required to automatically identify application pages, detect errors and analyze contributors to page response time, such as redirect time, DNS time, TCP time, etc.

5. Faster Business Activity Analytics through Improved Signature Development | Aternity’s new Workforce APM 8.0 version speeds up IT’s ability to monitor users’ interactions with applications in the context of a business workflow by offering a faster and more user friendly process for signature recording, authoring and validation. Accelerating the process of creating signatures enables IT to more readily assess the impact of application performance on workforce productivity.

6. Increased Enterprise Readiness | These enhanced capabilities enable IT to keep pace with the growing scalability demands of the enterprise by offering a number of system administration enhancements. Location mapping, improved provisioning rules, and dashboards for system health and administration all help to reduce cost of ownership and drive ease of implementation.

“Aternity Workforce APM version 8.0 delivers capabilities that drive accelerated time-to-value that our customers expect,” said Trevor Matz, President and CEO of Aternity. “These enhancements are focused on helping Global 2000 enterprises reduce operational costs, improve customer satisfaction and guarantee successful outcomes of their IT initiatives in order to ensure optimal productivity of tech-dependent workforces.”

Research firm Clabby Analytics recently reviewed Aternity Workforce APM in a report, “The User is King,” and stated, “Aternity’s experience, strong end-user oriented product set and innovation around ease-of-use and new use cases puts the company in a great position to sustain strong growth and attract new customers across a broad range of industries.” Download the complete, complimentary report here.


Aternity Workforce APM version 8.0 is available now. To learn more, register at